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“People sense when you love ‘em. They sense that, and that’s a gift that I really do have. And I thank God for that because so many times I can meet someone — it’s a perfect stranger — and I can feel like I’m a friend with them before it’s all over.” — Beth “Little Fannie” Fisher

We can talk for days about country life and friendship, but what gives The Venue at Three Points its undeniable charm is the story behind it. And that tale begins with a lady named Beth Swint Fisher — better known to locals as Little Fannie.

After establishing her home as an impromptu Bed and Breakfast in 1993 and naming it Little Fannie’s Country Retreat, Ms. Fisher quickly began adding old houses to the property. One by one, she’d find a house that she liked and had it transported to her property for some renovating and a whole lot of East Texas TLC. For example, there was the Bunk House, a historic medallion that dates back to 1896. And because Little Fannie was a teacher for 23 years, she also had to have a school-house themed cottage. The famous School House (now renamed Lazy Days Cottage) and separate Meetin’ House were created out of Sunday school rooms belonging to a Grand Saline church scheduled for demolition.

Beth “Little Fannie” Fisher

With a little elbow grease, Little Fannie’s Country Retreat became a home away from home for regulars as far away as Louisiana, Houston, and Oklahoma, who were looking for a place that offered a taste of country living. The place was versatile enough to be a country wedding and retreat venue while also being able to host family reunions and anything in between. And it lives on to this day!

From Little Fannie to the McMullen Family

Dean and Kelly McMullen grew up in East Texas with a large, close-knit family and plenty of love. Dean is a Marine Corp veteran who after serving his country, went back to college and graduated with a degree in mathematics. He worked as a teacher and coach for 29 years before semi-retirement. Kelly worked as a nurse for 30 years in various settings. The two married 27 years ago and together raised 4 beautiful kids (and now 5 grandchildren!). After moving several times for work, East Texas and family called them both home.

Combining family, love, and tradition just seemed like a given and so became The Venue at Three Points. A family dream of creating a unique, East Texas getaway!

Dean and Kelly

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"Thank You for a Wonderful Weekend!"

"We love the house and had so much fun. The house was so clean and inviting. We loved the outdoor cooking area and played corn hole while we were cooking. Our grandbaby loved swinging and running around with the dogs as well. We will share with others all about your place here."

Family from Wylie, Texas